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This is my story.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Could I Actually Be Enjoying Teaching?!!

Finally! I am now a full fledged Catalina Island Waterfront Lifeguard and Marine Science & Mountain Adventure Instructor! I've been teaching for two weeks now and am almost flabbergasted by how much I actually am enjoying myself being a... ready for it... TEACHER! My experiences previous to this in the "teaching world" have all been rather unfortunate and horrible and have therefore always retreated from the idea of teaching. But that just might be (dare I say it?!) changing!

I am so enjoying my time here on the island teaching mostly sixth graders (but some fifth and seventh as well) about fish, invertebrates, pollution, astronomy, marine birds, kayaking, snorkeling, the island's history and ecology, orienteering, shelter building, and so much more! Who would have thought that working could be such a pleasure when involving teaching?!! Sixth graders, I am learning, are quite enjoyable, even if it is almost impossible to keep the little blighters quiet for long during lectures... ever! They're just old enough to be able to have wonderful conversations with them while also being young enough to automatically love me just because I am in charge of them. :)

Unfortunately I might have killed my camera by accidentally getting sand in its every orifice. I'm hoping for the best though and will give you an update on whether or not I was able to save my camera, or at the very least still upload my pictures. But for now, just so you can see what it all looks like, here are some pictures taken by my friend and co-worker Deb:

Deb's the one to the right of me and Melody is to my left. They are truly wonderful girls and fast friends!


  1. Sounds exciting, good luck teaching...I'm praying for your continued success.

    We all miss you,come home soon ^^

    PS cool buffalo....

  2. Thank you so much John. <3 I miss you all too. :)