My Story

My God is full of wonder, and each day I am learning more about Him
and the amazing plans He has laid out for the adventure that is my life.

This is my story.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Have Said NO

I have turned down the offer to take over the innkeeper position here at Moore Cottage. The more I learned about all it involved and the more I thought and prayed about it, the more I realized that it was absolutely wrong for me and I was only going along with it because I don't see any other options at this time, i.e. Fear. However, when I finally decided to say no, instead of feeling crazy, I felt total relief and almost entire peace about God guiding my future, which is still unknown to me, but truly in His hands. At least I know one path that isn't right. We're narrowing it down at any rate!

So I'm staying in SoCal for a little while longer and starting the job search all over again. Not too excited about that, but fear of the unknown has got to be conquered at some point and it might as well be now! If I really trust God and believe in His crazy go against common sense sometimes, more wonderful than I ever imagine, heart fulfilling promises, then I have to choose to obey Him. So, with praise and thanksgiving (even when my feelings don't agree, thank you Catherine Marshall [and Christine!]) I make my requests known to Him.

Praise God He is good! This is the hope I cling to. No matter how depressing life seems, through it all and at the center of everything, the One who holds it all together is GOOD! Depression can not last against this. Darkness can not hide from it. The fact is, my God holds the stars to their course and He promises to hold me to mine. I just have to lift my feet.


  1. You are SO inspiring, God bless you in your search. Wish you were here for a Shotover walk! love Christine

  2. Thanks Christine. The same goes from me to you. I miss you and am certainly walking with you through Shotover in spirit!