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My God is full of wonder, and each day I am learning more about Him
and the amazing plans He has laid out for the adventure that is my life.

This is my story.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


More to come shortly, but I won!!!!!!!!

YES! I completed the NaNoWriMo challenge of writing a new story in novel form with 50,000 words in 30 days! My friend Beth, who challenged me to do it with her also won!

I just wanted to throw this out there just in case anyone was holding their breath. The 50,000 words was just the beginning though. Now I have this story that actually is turning into something I am really interested in and I've heard a rumor that if I finish the book by June 1st, they'll print it in book form for me. I'll have to check into this, but it could just be the start to something!

So here I go again!

Here's the last paragraph in what I have so far, but it's really only the beginning of the adventure into the unknown mysterious North:

It was still pitch black, the darkest time of night. Even their campfire had gone completely out. Whimsy had been facing, not the opening into Pallat, but northwards down the Western Pass. An intense stark white light was shining and moving up the pass towards them and then away. It blinded her eyes with each of its flashes and she looked away, only to see Ishtall and Wren had fallen asleep. Whimsy, full of almost a completely debilitating dread pulled and wrenched herself to her feat to wake the others. But as she did, at the same moment she stood, several others stood up beside her. Tagor and Jason stood to her left. Shen and Kindred stood to her right. And then as if commanded, they looked at each other and began to follow the blinding, twisting, almost dancing light through the Western Pass into the North.

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