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My God is full of wonder, and each day I am learning more about Him
and the amazing plans He has laid out for the adventure that is my life.

This is my story.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kindled by my Kindle

I have become the "Kindle Evangelist" at my office. Whenever I take a brake for lunch, out comes my Kindle, and inevitably, out comes the expected questions and comments as well. "I just don't think I could ever give up reading a real book." "How does it work?" "How much was that, and do you have to pay a monthly subscription for the internet?"

I just look into their eyes as a gleam from within starts to "kindle" at the thought of how my "Magic Library" has changed my life. And without hesitation, I'm off once more, giving my whole little shpeal about how great a Kindle could be for their life as it is for mine. I can't help the glee that seeps into my tone and often squeals in a girlish fashion at the end. I invariably tell the story of how I had dreamed my life of having a purse, or a box, or a container of some sort that was able to magically hold my own personal grand library, and now that dream has come true. For the first time, magic has truly become a reality in my life.

Today was another one of those moments. And today I was officially coined the "Kindle Evangelist." And today a new thought seeped into my mind as I contemplated how much I loved my Kindle - have I ever had a conversation such as this about my faith?

I'm quite passionate about my faith, what I think about the God I choose to serve and love. I spend time reading (on my Kindle) His words every day. And I try to be in constant communication with Him throughout each of my days. He's invariably apart of my conversation and I have among my possessions and wardrobe, quite a few indicators that I am a Christian. But when someone notices one of these facts, do I bubble over with a warm and excited explanation like I do about my Kindle?

No. When I think about the times I have been asked, I realize that I usually explain almost as if I'm apologizing. And it's not that I'm embarrassed that they found me out. I'm not embarrassed. That isn't the feeling. When I analyze these moments I find that I feel more like I shouldn't show too much emotion, that I should hold back and allow the person every opportunity to let the question slide, as if I'm expecting anyone who asks me to be horribly offended at my extremely politically incorrect answer.

Apparently, I have unwittingly given in to the idea that people don't want to hear about my faith; that anything is on the table for discussion accept that very unseemly topic. But I think this is a big social lie. And now that I know what my subconscious seems to be doing, hopefully I will no longer inhibit my zest for explaining my passions with loaded enthusiasm to only socially "safe" topics of technological magic, sports teams, and art.

This doesn't mean that I am now going to stand on a street corner and shout "Jesus" at everyone that passes by. I wouldn't do that about my Kindle either! I'm not that kind of person or "evangelist." Never have been. But hopefully, the next person who asks me what I'm reading, if it's my Bible, I won't just blush and give a little one worded explanation. But instead, just like every other aspect of my life, I will allow myself the freedom to be my warm, passionate and wordy self.


  1. Great blog! Keep them coming.

    You are such a good writer!

    Libby Grandy

  2. Thank you Libby for being such a wonderful encouragement!