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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Beauty of the Cotswolds

It is such a blessing that God has me here leading tours, living at The Kilns, and just being here in England! A couple from Tennessee who spend half the year here in a cottage they own in Morton-in-the-Marsh in the Cotswolds invited me out to see the sites yesterday. He is an author of more than 20 books, a professor of law, and a former DA for CO.! And they are such kindred spirits! I hope I didn't talk their ears off! You know how there are some people that you can't think what to say to them, and then there are others that you just can't find the time to say all that you want to say? Well, these were of the second class. However, I have a bad habit of talk combustion when I haven't really conversed with anyone in a while! It all gets pent up, and then when I have the chance, I kind of explode all over the place. Well, if they were overwhelmed, they were very gracious in not showing it.

The Cotswolds are sooooooooooooo beautiful! They could turn anyone into a poet. The trees alone were stuff that dreams are made of. There was a patch of forest in particular that kept drawing my gaze back to it. There was something so ethereal about them that I kept peaking back to try to catch sight of an elf or fairy. We drove all over and walked around in the different villages, but their names are so odd that I can't remember any of them unfortunately, except for words like Vale, Wull, and other lovely ancient Anglo-Saxon words. I did take lots and lots of pictures of bridges, water, fields, trees, sheep, and ducks! I just couldn't stop shooting. Everywhere I looked I saw a sight I wanted to keep in my mind forever. I was even able to look towards the horizon and see the mountains of Wales. Then they took me to their cottage where he writes for half the year. Sooooo wonderful! We had lunch and then walked all over their trails until I had major blisters from the "wellies" I had borrowed. They took me out for dinner that night to a wonderfully odd pub called The Fleece that apparently has been a pub for over 200 years! There was a fire in each room and they had painted three white circles in front of each of the fires to keep the witches away. I wonder how that tradition got started?! I ordered the sausages and mash (potatoes) with mustard and onion chutney. Oh my goodness! Soooooo good! I know they all cook over hear with decadent creams, and I am very worried about my figure! So much good food! I definitely need to find a time each day to keep up with my dancing!

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