My Story

My God is full of wonder, and each day I am learning more about Him
and the amazing plans He has laid out for the adventure that is my life.

This is my story.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ladybirds Attack!

There is about to be a war and the enemy is a copious hoard of red, black, and buggy. Ladybirds! I’ve never in my entire life been infested by ladybirds! And did you know that some of them bight?! Well, they do! And there is something far more sadistic seeming when the enemy is something you used to think were cute, friendly, and nice. I feel so betrayed!

They are sneaking in through the windows and when I least expect it, dive-bombing my head. Ahh! They’re on to me! One just hit me in the mouth! Quick! I need reinforcements. What would that look like?

England is a strange land.


  1. Mary, I just "discovered" your blog, thanks to the email you sent out. I love your writing! And funny thing - Georgia and I recently started our own blogs, and without realizing it, we all picked the same template! Great minds think alike : )

  2. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see your blog. I found Georgia's yesterday and laughed that we both chose the same background, and now you too! That's hilarious! I'm so excited. You have been the very first person to leave a comment on my page. Thanks!