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This is my story.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

And the Writing Continues

And the thrilling madness of NaNoWriMo continues! So far I am still thoroughly enjoying myself. I have found that the released pressure of feeling like I have to know what to write about has uncorked a valve inside of me that has been blocked for a very long time.

Now I feel as if there is a creative geyser rushing out of me and I can't wait to get the other things I have to do each day out of the way so that I can keep writing. What a relief!

I learned an invaluable amount of crucial knowledge in college while obtaining my degree in English. However, during that process, writing became work to me instead of happy escape like it had always been before. I learned the necessity of structure, and I am so thankful for all my professors and everything they pounded into my at times pulpy brain. It was all needed and helpful.

But it has taken this exercise to finally give back to me the flow and freedom that I used to write with, and hopefully now my writings will go even further now that I have such a solid structural foundation.

I had started to give up on my old dream of actually getting my writings published. Nothing of any worth in my eyes was coming out anymore. I hated writing more than ever. But now a few rays of hope that perhaps the dream isn't quite as dead as I thought it might be are starting to brake through.

Here's another excerpt from what's going on my story so far:

Whimsy sat high up in her favorite tree, waving back and forth with the gently blowing breezes. It was a large sturdy sycamore, rather uncommon and different from most of the usual oaks and pines of Ferngnaw Sul. That’s why she liked it best; it was different, just like her. Sycamore branches, unlike brittle oaks, were just as strong at the very tips as they were at the base, which meant that if you were brave enough, you could climb all the way up to the very top of the center most branch until your head almost broke through the leaves. And there you could perch, swaying in the wind while looking over the entire mountain ranges. This was Whimsy’s favorite place in the entire world. Well, it was one of them at least. She had a myriad collection of favorites and the most favorite was always the one she was in at the time.

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  1. Mary, I loved your exerpt! I'm not suprised you wrote about trees : ) and I love the name Whimsy. I too was totally burnt out on writing after I finished college, more so from 16 years of education than college work itself. I didn't pick up a pen for at least 6 months after graduating, but when I did, it was wonderful. I was writing because I wanted to, not because I had to, and about whatever I wanted, not some assigned prompt or in cramped essay format. Good luck with your writing this month (and beyond!)