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My God is full of wonder, and each day I am learning more about Him
and the amazing plans He has laid out for the adventure that is my life.

This is my story.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Temping I Will Go

Today I registered once again with the temp agency I worked through just after college. Not my most excited moment, but my attempts at employment on my own have failed miserably and I decided it was time to finally crawl back.

Well, that's being slightly dramatic. No, I am not excited about temping again! However, I would rather temp than work with food, retail, crying babies, or scary animals. And it is really temporary this time... hopefully.

I am waiting to see if APU has accepted me into their masters program, and if they do then I'll hopefully be hired as a graduate assistant and start work with them in August, 2011. That is the big hope! Then I'll be two years away from having a Masters in Student Affairs and hopefully have a really awesome job that I love that is all about working with college students and helping to make dreams come true and having a lot of fun and fellowship along the way.

I would be happy with that... I think.

There of course are other dreams, but they are still rather dormant still either rotting away in a tomb or planted and waiting for sunshine and water to pop back out of the earth. I'm still not sure which ones are which yet; seed or coffin.

Right now, I just need something to do that will give me money to pay bills. So temping it is... hopefully they'll call me soon.


Otherwise, my NaNoWriMo story is coming along. I just did something rather drastic to get one of my characters to move. You would think that since you are their creator, they would try to please you a little more, but no! They have to be difficult sometimes, so I might have killed her entire family. Yah, I'm really glad I'm not God.

In case you like the excepts, here's another one. And if you don't, STOP READING NOW!

Whimsy took her place in front of her and waited. She began to wonder if perhaps Grande Dame Thelma had forgotten that there was one more to bless, and she wondered if she should alert her to her presence in some way. She awkwardly cleared her throat, and when that seamed to have no effect, she lifted a nervous hand to touch the old lady’s shoulder. But before her fingers had touched even a fiber of her clothing, the Grande Dame’s silvery head shot back up and her eyes once more held the fire she had seen in them before.
None of the other women had noticed the change in the elderly lady’s demeanor yet, as they were still busy congratulating the other girls. Whimsy was entirely shocked and didn’t know how to respond. Grande Dame Thelma grabbed her by the wrist and propelled her forward with more strength than Whimsy could have given her credit for ever possessing. They were both outside the lights of the town square before she even realized that she was moving. When they soon reached the line of willows that surrounded the village at the West Gate, Whimsy abruptly turned to face the elderly lady and was startled at what she saw. No longer did she look like a gentle gray haired grandparent who always had something sweet about her person. Her eyes were not just fired with passion as before, but now they were filled with what Whimsy was certain was actually hate, although she could tell it was not exactly directed at her. She seemed taller too somehow, as if a new important purpose had possessed her body and made it suddenly younger and stronger.
“Whimsy. It stands as I told you earlier. You must decide now. Something has happened to force your decision before it was supposed to. I regret that, and there are so many things that I wish I had time to explain, but you must be ready if it has been allowed to happen now.”
Now Whimsy was really frightened.
“Grande Dame Thelma! What are you talking about? This doesn’t make sense. Look! The sun has set! I’m going to miss the First Dance! Please Grande Dame, let’s go back. You’re tired.”
“Oh child, I am so sorry. But you must run. Now!

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